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Ambrose and Ermengarde in the film Hello, Dolly! Sidon is several heads taller than the average Zora, who are already twice as tall as the average Hylian such as Link, whereas Mipha is a head shorter than Link though it's faintly implied that she had yet to reach her full adult height. He mentions how light she is several times, annoying his dog. Feeny's office and them stepping out of the room reveals a short, waif woman who's revealed to be Frankie's mom was standing behind them the whole time. In Pride and PrejudiceDarcy is described several times as tall and once as a "great, tall fellow" by Bingley, while Elizabeth is supposedly lithe from her walking and year-old Lydia and Georgianna are both taller than her.

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How to Train Your Dragon 2 has this trope played straight with Stoick and his long-lost wife Valkawho is roughly a third his size.

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Starting Friday, people in Everett will have a new mode of transportation to try. Women with MHC-similar partners also reported more frequent sexual fantasies about other men, particularly at the most fertile phase of their ovulation cycle. Join HuffPost Plus. The Norwegian Royal Family change out of traditional dress and into sunglasses and top hats Fashion front runners!

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